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What can I expect if I become a Mentor?

Participation as a mentor in "The E-Mentorship Vision Network" will consist of allocating approximately 1-2 hours of your time per week for a nine month period in which you will develop a professional relationship with the individual you are mentoring by communicating via, the N.H. Professional Development E-Mentorship web site, e-mail, telephone, or in person.

You will be matched with an individual who is seeking mentorship based on the number of years you have spent in the profession, professional strengths, and your self described specialty area within the field. One of the program managers will communicate with all participants on a regular basis to ensure that mentors have the tools they need to support the pilot program's mission to support the individuals they are mentoring in the program and for their own professional development support.

We will hold an introductory "kick-off" event to begin the program and aim to have two events for participants throughout the run of the program that will allow time for professional development, feedback, networking, socialization, and of course, fun.

The goal of the E-Mentorship Vision Network is to have both mentors and those being mentored to walk away from the experience with an increased knowledge of educating individuals with visual impairments, professional development opportunity, and an increased sense of community, collaboration, and communication amongst educators of the visually impaired so that students with visual impairments receive a high quality education from informed, confident, collaborative, and connected professionals.

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