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What is a mentor?

A mentor, in terms of The E-mentorship Vision Network, is an experienced professional in the field of educating students with visual impairments who is dedicated to the field, who may have a particular strength in a specialized area of the field, who wants to share their knowledge and expertise with graduate students, beginning teachers, and teachers seeking to expand their knowledge and gain professional development in educating students with visual impairments.


For those who have not returned the E-Mentorship Mentor Match survey, if you could do so by August, 1st it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, and I hope everyone is having a fantastic summer!

Josh Shea

The Texas School for the Blind's renowned Outreach Program provides some excellent insight in regard to the value of mentorship for the induction of new teachers; "Mentoring is a practical skill oriented, helping relationship between experienced and inexperienced practitioners. It includes activities which are both planned and spontaneous. This is a separate process from university supervision, internship, or practicum."

While we strongly agree that beginning teachers have a great need for mentorship we also feel that mentorship is incredibly valuable in the professional growth process throughout one's career, from the graduate school level, to those with many years of experience which is why we are inviting individuals in all phases of their career to participate in receiving mentorship through our program.

Mentors participating in The E-Mentorship Vision Network pilot project will be fostering community, collaboration, and communication amongst educators of the visually impaired so that students with visual impairments receive a high quality education from informed, confident, and connected professionals.

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